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About Verity's EchoCredentialing Solutions

As a current customer with Echo, you can take advantage of additional modules that will further optimize your platform and processes. These are just a few of the additional tools available to you. Contact your sales representative for more information or to discuss a migration to Verity!


Online Application 


Eliminate paper applications forever! The Online Application Module will accelerate your operations by ensuring accuracy and completeness to reduce errors, as well as serving as a conduit onto the provider’s eventual online provider profile. 



  • Ability to include a welcome video from your CMO. 
  • Unlimited number of configurations to support requirements for varied provider groups and organizations. 
  • Immediate payment of fees via secure integration with multiple credit card vendors. 
  • Custom instructions and help prompts. 


  • Secure chat messaging from the provider to designated Echo users.
  • Ability to capture all of the data and images necessary for completing whichever process is being performed, including clinical privilege requests and supplemental documents as needed.
  • Role-based security.
  • eSignature capability.

EchoVerify and EchoMonitor


Dreaming of hands-free primary source verifications and sanction checks? EchoVerify and EchoMonitor does over 30 million queries per year, offering unlimited access to 2,000+ primary source license/certification, sanction, exclusion, disciplinary board, and hospital affiliation sites that can run in the background at your desired frequency.



  • Delivers notifications, alerts, dashboards, schedulable reports, & custom report capabilities.
  • Full automation and completely “hands free”; posted to employee data records, usually within minutes of the request.
  • Includes a proprietary and exclusive “matching algorithm” to eliminate the long list of possible exclusions matches to sort through.
  • This information can be captured as an image or a data element for verifcations, dependent of the organization’s preference. 
  • EchoVerify provides ability to obtain new dates for license expiration dates for expiring credentials (i.e., expire-able monitoring). 

Provider Assessment Portal


Drive quick, convenient, and quality appointment decisions! The Provider Assessment Portal is a one stop shop for chair and committee reviewers, which facilitates an online multi-reviewer process of an electronic packet of information regarding a provider that is in the process of initial appointment or re-credentialing.



  • Customer defined questions to be answered by the reviewer, based on customer specific processes 
  • Ability to designate a sequence of reviewers 
  • Automatic notification to the next reviewer when a reviewer completes their review of a file 
  • Includes general review comments and document their recommendation
  • Ability to review and approve requested privileges 
  • Automatic notification to the Medical Staff Office when the review process has been completed 
  • “Save and Finish Later” feature 
  • For regulatory compliance, records cannot be edited once the review is submitted 
  • Ability to mark files as “hot” files for prioritization

Morrisey Privileging Solution and Performance Privileges for EchoCredentialing


Wishing you could standardize privileges across your enterprise with a single source of truth? Morrisey Privileging Solution is a subscription service that offers a comprehensive library of delineated privileges, a robust tool to manage the clinical privileging process, as well as functionality to offer consistent methods for evaluating provider competence.



  • Comprehensive privileging content, including ICD-10 and CPT codes and more than 100 adult and pediatric specialties 
  • Quarterly updates with sources designation for each privilege form (i.e., ABMS, ACGME)
  • Convenient privilege groupings based on specialties and subspecialties 
  • Drag-and-drop interface for building and customizing privilege forms 
  • Configurable forms for single facility, multi-facility or enterprise level use 

Performance Privileges

Provides processes, content, and data for individual-provider performance assessments and features standard Verity metrics, internal benchmarks and/or customer-configurable indicators.

Echo Provider Enrollment


Make your rev cycle team smile with automated enrollment! Echo Provider Enrollment is a suite of tools designed to seamlessly enroll providers using paper or electronic forms with data you already have.



  • Population of online payer applications, such as PECOS and Medicaid, with your data stored in EchoCredentialing by mapping to any online form or utilizing our library of pre-built integrations (Echo InForm)
  • Automated completion of provider enrollment applications utilizing the Echo OneForm library of over 4,000 pre-built payer forms
  • Importing provider data into EchoCredentialing from CAQH ProView, leveraging a data review screen prior to accepting the changes into your EchoCredentialing database
  • Prioritization of your enrollment activities based on pending claims amounts and length of time claims have been outstanding
  • Support of delegated credentialing arrangements 

OPPE and Peer Review Module


Thinking of integrating key quality measures with your credentialing database? The EchoOPPE and Peer Review Modules deliver an at-a-glance profile including key provider quality and performance measures using data from your EMR, as well as an online peer review process can ensure the delivery of optimal care, safeguard ongoing reimbursement, and provide fresh insights.



  • Customer defined metrics, threshold values, and reports both in layout and content
  • Ability to print individually or in bulk 
  • The Peer Review Module provides the ability for customers to create site or process specific peer review forms and present to reviewers for online completion.

Optional modules in conjunction with industry leading content partners: 

  • Comparison to National Benchmarks – Includes national benchmark data from our content partner, Evolent Health 
  • CAHPS – Incorporate patient survey satisfaction ratings when reviewing and evaluating provider performance 
  • PSI (Provider Social Index) – Gather actionable insights on your providers from surveys, online ratings, review sites, blogs, social media, and other data sources; increase patient engagement, improve operations, build upon strengths, and identify opportunities for improvement 

About Verity's EchoAccess Solutions

EchoAccess enables hospitals to launch an integrated Patient Experience Hub to optimize every patient touch point along the continuum from inquiry to discharge, and every interaction in between. This enterprise class platform supports hospital contact centers with physician referral,  clinical triage, provider directories, class enrollment, and discharge planning functionality.


Key Features:
  • Dynamic physician referral and physician-to-physician referral
  • Streamlined Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Gold standard Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content
  • Automated patient satisfaction surveys
  • User-friendly class enrollment and event registration


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