Credentialing and Enrollment for Ambulatory & Post-Acute Care Providers

Verity for Ambulatory and Post-Acute Care Providers

As the healthcare landscape shifts across the country, and value-based care takes precedent over volume-based care, the need to ensure your patients receive competent care at qualified facilities from capable caregivers has never been greater. While select technology has delivered incremental improvements to credentialing and enrollment processes over the years, it’s not been enough. In fact, only 4.1 percent of the organizations we surveyed rated their processes as best in class. The remainder of ambulatory and post acute care providers are still struggling to manage their credentialing and enrollment processes with a mix of paper files, Excel spreadsheets, and Access or homegrown databases.

But… what if you could leverage validated provider data and fully automated workflows to drive clinical and financial success? With Verity, you can.

With meticulous precision, Verity revolutionizes credentialing, enrollment, and privileging through exclusive capabilities built with medical groups, same-day services, senior and long-term care providers, health and human services organizations and clinical network/staffing resources in mind. Our leading credentialing, enrollment, and privileging solution combines the best platform, content, data, services, and community to deliver a foundational source of truth.

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Ambulatory and Post-Acute

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Medical Groups

Small Medical Groups

Transition away from manual credentialing and enrollment to paperless and more efficient solutions for small medical groups.

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Verity for Medical Groups

Medical Groups

Experience an ROI boost for your medical practice or revenue cycle management service with a paperless, automated system for all your credentialing and enrollment needs.

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Senior and Long Term Care

Senior and Long-Term Care Providers

A single system to ensure your patients receive competent care at qualified facilities from capable caregivers.

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