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Understaffed and overworked is a familiar feeling in healthcare today. Regulatory compliance, modernizing infrastructure, cutting costs, full adoption of value-based purchasing…and oh yeah, caring for patients, taxes even the most well-staffed and financially viable organization. Go ahead and add credentialing providers to the list of demands that some organizations simply aren’t prepared to handle in-house.

Enter Verity’s NCQA-certified CVO. Whether you’re a health plan, surgery center, critical access hospital, LTAC, or any other type of healthcare organization, you can rely on our expertise to handle all your initial and re-credentialing files either in an overflow or full-service capacity. Our CVO provides a scope of services, including application management and verification, to support you in establishing consistent credentialing methods for all staff.

Couple this with our all-encompassing provider enrollment and credentialing solution, Verity, and you have a two-way, on demand connection with our CVO where you continuously source files to us in one click.

VerityCVO is NCQA Certified

VerityCVO NCQA Certified

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The NCQA CVO certification program awards certification to organizations that demonstrate substantial performance in core standards and chosen certification options. Verity’s CVO Certification Award demonstrates that VerityCVO has the systems, processes and personnel in place to thoroughly and accurately verify providers’ credentials in the eleven certification options. Health plan clients can be confident that Verity’s CVO will help them meet their accreditation goals when certification options are delegated. A certified CVO provides NCQA standard safeguards that the CVO has developed a sound management structure and that they continually monitor and improve the quality of services they deliver.

VerityCVO Benefits

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5 Benefits of a Credentials Verification Organization

Jan 8, 2018, 00:33 AM by Nevada Bodmer
Overworked and short staffed? Consider the many benefits of using a Credentials Verification Organization to perform credentialing and recredentialing activities.

Credentials Verification Organizations (CVOs) provide the healthcare industry with cost-effective and streamlined methods to perform provider credentialing and recredentialing activities. CVOs support individual hospitals or entire health systems with state-of-the art processes that leverage technology.

The five benefits are:

  • Centralize Vital Enterprise Resources
  • Enable System-Wide Collaboration
  • Achieve Faster Provider Onboarding
  • Save Time and Money
  • Empower Your Medical Staff Office