MSOW Training Classes

MSOW training classes are intended for current users of MSOW and are held onsite in our training facility in Nashville, TN.


MSOW Beginner Crystal Reports: MSOW/Network Management Reporting Class

This three-and-a-half-day class introduces you to many features in Crystal Reports using real MSOW credentialing software data. Hands-on training helps you understand how to customize and manage your credentialing and privileging reporting needs.

Topics will include

  • Exploring table relationships in MSOW/Network Management
  • Creating simple custom reports
  • Creating formulas
  • Scheduling and saving reports to SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise
  • Modifying standard reports and letters
  • Moving and deleting reports


MSOW Advanced Crystal Reports

Experienced Crystal Reports users benefit from this four-day advanced class. Practice complex exercises using real MSOW credentialing software data, and develop sophisticated skills for managing your organization’s reports. A prerequisite to this class is attendance in the MSOW Beginner Crystal Reports: MSOW/Network Management Reporting Class or at least one year of Crystal Reports experience.

Topics will include:

  • Writing advanced formulas
  • Summarizing and counting
  • Defining and sharing variables
  • Creating cross-tab reports
  • Building sub reports
  • Using SQL expressions
  • Formatting for Excel output
  • Charting data
  • Optimizing reports


MSOW System Administrative Bootcamp

This fast-paced three-and-a-half-day class provides administrative information about MSOW and modules setup with hands-on experience to MSOW System Administrators. Prerequisite is completion of MSOW University and/or one year experience in MSOW.

Topics will include:

  • Security and permissions
  • Webcrawls
  • Table Maintenance
  • Documents table
  • Help desk hot topics
  • Installer/project manager visit
  • Workflow teams
  • Email message setup
  • Workflow build and testing
  • User-defined fields
  • Practitioner export specifications and Excel reporting
  • Additional setups: NPDB CQ, AMA Manager, Online Reference, and more
  • Additional module administration introductory overview: practitioner portal maintenance and testing, conditions manager evaluation form, privilege manager security, administrative review evaluation form and security