Evaluate for Health Systems and Health Plans


EvaluateToday’s patient-centered, value-based approach to healthcare demands that organizations continuously assess and report on the clinical competence of care providers. This assessment not only supports the decision on individual provider privileges, but also drives organizational performance improvement, better outcomes, and reimbursement.  This assessment is complicated and requires an objective process, effective data acquisition and sharable outputs. You and your healthcare organization struggle with what to measure, obtaining meaningful data from numerous and disparate sources, and producing robust reports.  


Verity’s Evaluate automates the comprehensive management of provider competency, allowing hospitals, health systems and medical groups to comply with regulatory requirements and impact the quality of care delivered.  Evaluate presents a holistic view of provider performance – from clinical activity data and case review results to MACRA and CAHPS scores – as well as access to specific data points included in composite scores.  The content offered, the data gathered, and the information generated within the solution provides actionable information for clinical and executive leaders, increasing healthcare quality. 

Key Benefits

  • Compliance with regulatory (i.e. Joint Commission, CMS) requirements.
  • Evidence-based performance improvement. 
  • Clarity and confidence in what to measure with the ability to set performance thresholds.
  • Assimilation of relevant data from a myriad of sources; transforming data to information.
  • Strategic and tactical decision-making at reappointment cycle and beyond.
  • Robust individual-provider performance reports for use and reappointment and for regulatory demands.
  • Aggregated data to identify trends and areas for improvement.
  • Easily shareable information with stakeholders throughout the organization.
  • Trust in data and inspire a data-acceptance culture.
  • A one-stop shop for everything related to provider competency evaluation.



  • Automation/workflow for ongoing competency management (OPPE).
  • A library of best-practice, specialty-specific performance indicators (for all adult, pediatric, non-MD and allied health specialties) linked to clinical privileges.
  • Acquisition of data from any (digitized) data source.
  • Generation of individual provider reports to include: clinical activity; privilege activity; general performance indicators; specialty-specific indicators; clinical case reviews; national benchmarks; MACRA scores; CAHPS ratings; and social reputation metrics.
  • A dashboard for trend analysis and indicator/provider comparison; drill-down capability.
  • Risk-adjusted data. 
  • Measurement of quality at all levels (provider, specialty, department, facility, system) and across comparative timeframes.
  • A workflow for case review activities.
  • Inclusion of FPPE data and launch of a review.
  • Presentation to providers and reviewers via VerityHub.