License Verification and Sanction Monitoring of your Nursing Staff

Nurse Validation for Health Systems and Medical Groups

Your Nursing Team needs a reliable process to verify licenses and certifications, monitor exclusions and sanctions, validate nurse education, and monitor the growing list of state abuse sites from primary sources. Many hospitals and post-acute entities describe their nurse verification processes as riddled with unclear responsibilities, labor intensive and error-prone tasks, and post-it notes to remind managers to check yet another site to ensure compliance. Isn’t it time to relieve your anxiety and implement a solution before your accreditors’ next visit?

Nurse Validation

Verity’s Nurse Validation solution is a comprehensive solution from Verity to validate and continuously monitor data on members of your nursing team. This solution delivers a hands-free, automated solution to validate primary source information including licenses (including RN, LPN, and CNA), certifications, exclusions, sanctions, disciplinary actions, and nursing school education. Further, we are proud to announce the launch of the Verity Nationwide Abuse Registry, which launched mid-2018 and is included with the Verity’s Nurse Validation solution. Finally, a reliable, easy-to-implement, comprehensive solution … because every patient deserves a validated workforce.

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